We provide a programme of activity for primary age pupils from Year 2 through to Year 6 introducing university and Higher Education and building excitement around education and future options.

Our Supporting Primary workshop aims to introduce the concept of university to pupils while building enthusiasm around education and further study. In the summer term, we offer a transition workshop for pupils moving up to Secondary School. This introduces some of the different aspects of secondary school and the journey through education from leaving primary to their options for post-compulsory education.

Supporting Primary: Careers

Our Supporting Primary workshop is delivered by our fully trained team of Higher Education Ambassadors and supported by current undergraduate students from our partner universities. The activity provides a fun, interactive introduction to university and the education journey with follow on activities:

  • Exploring Careers: Pupils are introduced to exciting graduate jobs in the following areas: Science, Arts, Media, Sport and Humanities. Pupils will consider what skills and qualities they have, as well as what they are passionate about, and what career they might like to have as well as the route they might take to get there.
  • Design a Student: Pupils will learn more about the different aspects of student life including studying, student accommodation, sports and societies. They will use the information they have learned to create their very own student making choices about their student based on the information they have just covered.
  • Design a Society: After learning about the different clubs and societies available at university and why it might be good to be involved in societies, pupils will work on their own or in small groups to design their own society. They must think about what their society is, what events they would host, and which celebrities they would invite.
  • Quiz: Why not round the session off with a quiz? Pupils will out their new knowledge to the test as they work in teams to answer university quiz questions for points.

Supporting Primary: Moving Up

Designed for students making the transition from Primary or Middle School to Secondary School, our moving up workshop covers the essentials of Secondary School: why it’s important to move up, what students can typically expect, and their options post-compulsory education. With a series of mini activities to complete, the transition workshop aims to build enthusiasm around education and help pupils identify the opportunities they have available to them.

Online Activity

As part of a revised offer, the Partnership have produced a brand-new innovative way of delivering our activity. We have a fantastic brand new KS2 Teacher’s Guide that contains a series of workshops that you can deliver to your students. These sessions each come with a video recorded by our Higher Education Ambassadors to introduces and explain the activities.

The Teacher’s Guide to Inspiring Futures in the North East includes topics on making decisions, exploring HE, and future decisions. This Guide, as well as a pupil workbook, are available to download for free from your Teacher’s Dashboard.

We are also able to deliver some of our existing workshops virtually, please see our Outreach Activities for more information.