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Young Carers Awareness Day – New research revealed

Our YouNE Cares programme launches today, on Young Carers Awareness Day, and research published by the Carers Trust provides statistics which highlight the growing need to support young people with care responsibilities in the region.

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New survery results published today reveal that up to 80% of young carers are missing out on childhood because they are caring for family and friends.

Instead of seeing friends, enjoying hobbies and completing their homework, these children, as young as 10-years-old, are cleaning, cooking, administering medicine, shopping and looking after a brother or sister – along with many other daily tasks.

The research has been released to mark Young Carers Awareness Day, which aims to shine a spotlight on the vast range of tasks these children carry out, day-in-day-out. The day of action includes numerous ‘audience with young carers’ events taking place across the country, in a bid to help identify others who may not know they are a young carer, and help them receive the support they desperately need.

The survey results reveal that:

  • 80% of young carers say they miss out on what other children their age are doing because of their caring role;
  • 82% said they miss out on seeing friends – 60% said they miss attending events and other activities and 45% struggle to get their homework done on time;
  • 80% carry out their caring role every day;
  • 50% help to administer medicines to family members;
  • Almost a quarter of those surveyed care for more than 20 hours a week;
  • 41% help with personal care, such as washing and helping the person they care for to get dressed.


To read the full article and find our more about Young Carers Awareness Day, please click here.

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