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Young Carers Awareness Day 2017

26 January 2017 is a national day of recognition for the UK’s 700,000 young carers.

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With just less than 2 weeks to go until Young Carers Awareness Day, the Carers Trust are asking you what you’re doing to mark the occasion.

“We want Young Carers Awareness Day (or YCAD) 2017 to be a day where everyone recognises the challenges that young carers face.

We want people to understand how difficult it can be for young carers to realise their hopes and dreams for the future unless they have the right support in place.

This year’s theme is ‘When I grow up’ and it’s all about helping young carers to achieve their dream jobs or career, and we want everyone to be a part of it.

We’ll be highlighting how some of the 700,000 young carers across the UK are caring for their sick or disabled mum, dad, brother or sister and how it is impacting their lives.”

How you can get involved

Here’s some fun things you can do now:

Anyone can get involved in YCAD. See what you can do by downloading our ‘How to get involved in YCAD’ poster (PDF, 85KB) – there are ideas for Carers Trust Network Partners, parliamentarians, local councillors, health care professionals, GPs, charities and other organisations.

Download free YCAD materials for schools:

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