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You-NE Cares Online: Session 1

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You-NE Cares Online Programme

Session 1

Welcome to your first session of You-NE Cares Online 2020! Things are a little different this year, with 3 video sessions across this week and some activities to complete at home in your own time. The first session is all about Student Life, looking at what university is, why we might go, where we can live, and even more! Plus there’s a little quiz to test your new-found Higher Education knowledge. Take part and let us know your scores, as well as asking us any questions you have via the live-chat at the bottom of this page. We look forward to seeing you again Wednesday!

Part 1 – Student Life


Part 2a – UCAS and Accommodation


Part 2b – Money Matters!


Part 3 – Quiz!


Part 4 – Support & Quiz Answers


Don’t forget we have a live chat available all week in the bottom right of your screen. Come and ask us any questions you have, or even just say hello!

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