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UCAS Parent Newsletter: March Update


The 24 March deadline is almost here!

If your son or daughter is applying for an art and design course with a 24 March deadline, they only have a couple of weeks left to complete and send their application to us. Remember, it must be with us by 18:00 on 24 March to get equal consideration from their chosen universities or colleges.

What happens after an application is sent?

It’s important that your son or daughter is prepared for what happens after they send us their application. We’ll send them a welcome email, containing their Personal ID – they can then use this to sign in to Track and check on the progress of their application.

Our flowchart explains what to expect:

UCAS Application Flow Chart

Replying to offers – Essential Information

As our flowchart shows, when your son or daughter has received decisions from all the universities or colleges they’ve applied to, they must reply to any offers they have using Track.

There are a number of types of offer universities and colleges can make, and different replies your son or daughter can make to those offers. It can get confusing if they’re not prepared, so encourage them to read up on their options now, ensuring they’re ready when the time comes.

Top tip: make sure your son or daughter knows their Track login details and keeps their personal details up-to-date. This will avoid any last minute panic when it comes to replying to their offers.

Making an Extra choice…

Your son or daughter can apply to up to five uni choices. If they change their mind and decide none of their choices are what they want, or they don’t receive any offers, they can use Extra to make another choice. Find out more about Extra.

Five top tips for student finance

While we only manage the application fee and don’t arrange funding, we can point your son or daughter in the right direction and help them understand the student finance process. Here are the top five things they need to know:

  1. Apply early – your son or daughter can apply for student finance now – they don’t need to wait until their place is confirmed! Applying early means they will have the money in place when term starts.
  2. Where to go to apply for student finance – your son or daughter will need to apply through the funding body for where they currently live. Find out where to apply.
  3. Covering living costs – your son or daughter can apply for a maintenance loan to cover the cost of their living expenses while they’re studying. The amount they’re eligible for varies depending on factors such as where they will be studying and your household income.
  4. Tuition fees explained – tuition fees include registration, tuition, exams costs, etc. and can be up to £9,250 per year. They don’t need to be paid upfront, and your son or daughter can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover all or part of this cost.

Repaying loans – if your son or daughter takes out a loan, they won’t start repaying it until they’ve finished their course and are earning over the income threshold – this is currently £21,000 for English and Welsh students, and £17,495 for Scottish and Northern Irish students. If they’re earning less than the threshold, they won’t pay anything back

Head to the ‘Money’ section of our video wall for lots of useful videos on managing money at university, and check out our finance and support advice.

Applying to study in the UK from the EU? Find out what the EU referendum means for your son or daughter.

Confused by UCAS terminology?

Throughout the application process, you’re likely to hear a whole load of terms you’ve never come across before. Don’t panic! Take a look at our UCAS jargon buster video, which explains some of the terms we use when talking about the application process.

Looking to travel to an open day?

Car-share and broaden your perceptions on one of the biggest investments of your son/daughter’s life. Find out more.

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