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UCAS Parent Newsletter: June

Preparing for Results Day

As results day approaches, to make sure your son or daughter is in the best position, please remind them to:

  • Keep their contact details up-to-date in Track- if they don’t, their chosen university or colleges will have trouble contacting them
  • Remember their Track sign in details
  • Make sure they’re available on results day
  • Check whether they need to send any of their exam results to their chosen universities or colleges
  • Give you nominated access to their application – they can do this in Track and it will mean we can discuss their application with you over the phone


Have a ‘What If?’ Plan:
It’s also worth spending some time considering what to do if they don’t get the results they’re expecting. Having a ‘what if’ plan covering all eventualities may pay dividends later on. Options could include:

  • The uni or college offering your son or daughter an alternative course or year of entry
  • Looking for a different course using Clearing
  • Retaking exams and reapplying next year
  • Taking a gap year or looking at apprenticeship opportunities
  • Going straight into the world of work


Our Direct Contact Service
Don’t forget, your son or daughter can sign up to our free direct contact service – an optional service designed to help them find a university or college place.

If they’re eligible for Extra or Clearing, we’ll send them an email with a link to sign up. If they choose to do so, universities can contact them if they think they have a place on a course that would be a good match for them.

Find out more about our direct contact service.


Struggling to get your head around UCAS terms?

Here’s an overview of some of the terms you’ll need to know at this stage of the application process:

If your son or daughter doesn’t get the exam grades needed to meet their offers (or if they are applying late), they can still apply for courses with spaces available through Clearing – it opens on 5 July but your son or daughter will only be able to use it once they know their exam results; for most this will be in August.

If your son or daughter meets and exceeds the conditions of their conditional firm choice, they may be happy to keep their current choice, but Adjustment gives them an opportunity to reconsider what and where to study.

This is the period when exam results are issued, sent to unis and colleges, and checked against offer conditions. If the conditions are met, your son or daughter’s place will be confirmed. If not, the offer of a place will be unsuccessful. All Confirmation decisions are shown in Track.

UCAS Conservatoires Confirmation
UCAS Conservatoires is the application scheme for students applying to conservatoire-based music, screen, dance, and drama courses. As with UCAS Undergraduate applications, most conservatoire places are confirmed in Track after summer exam results are published.

UCAS Tariff
The Tariff is a number that illustrates qualifications in a simple way – instead of asking for set grades, unis and colleges will ask for a number of Tariff points. The Tariff was updated in 2017 so for the most up-to-date information, keep an eye on our Tariff web page, and to calculate your son or daughter’s Tariff points, use our Tariff calculator.

For more information, take a look at our jargon buster video.

Reminder of 30 June Deadline

If your son or daughter hasn’t already applied, it’s not too late. The 30 June deadline is the very last application deadline for undergraduate applications. If places at unis or colleges they want to apply to are still available, their application may still be considered. It’s a good idea to call the uni or college and check before applying.

Any applications received after 30 June will automatically be entered into Clearing.


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