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UCAS Parent and Carer Update: May Update


Decisions, Decisions…

Once your son or daughter receives a decision for a uni, we’ll send an email to say there’s an update to their application. It’s only when their last decision is received that they’ll need to reply. There are a few different replies they can make:

  • Firm acceptance (their first choice) – if it’s an unconditional offer, the place is theirs! Or if it’s conditional, the place is theirs if they meet the offer conditions.
  • Insurance acceptance – the back up choice to a conditional firm acceptance. We’d suggest it has lower offer conditions than your son or daughter’s firm choice. That way, if their results are lower than expected, they might still meet the conditions at their insurance choice and have a secured place.
  • Decline – they’ll need to decline any other offers they get. They can only accept one firm choice and one insurance choice, and must decline all other offers.

Replying – What to do and when

If your son or daughter has already applied to uni, make sure they don’t miss the following deadlines to reply to their offers.

Their reply by date will show in Track once they receive decisions from all their choices. If they don’t reply by their deadline, offers they have will be automatically declined – this is called decline by default.

Last decision received on or before… Means your reply date is…
11 May 2017 8 June 2017
8 June 2017 22 June 2017
13 July 2017 20 July 2017

Encourage them to watch our video on how and when to reply to their offers in Track. If they are still waiting to hear from their chosen unis, make sure they regularly check Track, and reply to any offers before the deadline shown.

Make sure your son or daughter knows their rights

Choosing the right course is a very important decision; they’ll be investing a lot of time and money and it can be difficult to change if they’re not satisfied. Knowing their rights under consumer law will help your son or daughter make sure they get all the information they need and are treated fairly during their studies.

Find out more about consumer rights on the GOV.UK website.

It’s not too late for your son or daughter to apply

Late applications can be submitted until 30 June. Remind them to check with universities/ colleges if the courses they are interested in still have vacancies. If your son or daughter needs help on how to apply, refer them to our step-by-step guide to filling in their application.

Any applications sent to us after this deadline will automatically be entered into Clearing. This is how universities and colleges fill vacancies on their courses – vacancies are listed in our search tool from 5 July for those applicants who already have their results and are eligible for Clearing. Once your son or daughter has found a course that interests them, they will have to contact the university or college directly to see if they’ll offer them a place.

Important! Are your son or daughter’s contact details up-to-date?

As the summer holidays are fast approaching, it’s essential your son or daughter checks their contact details are up-to-date in Track. This is to make sure their chosen unis or colleges are able to contact them if they need to. They’ll need to check their home address, email address, and mobile phone number are all correct. If they need to update their details, they can do so in Track.

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