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UCAS – Getting Started

Applying to university can cause increased anxiety, but not just for your young person – we know that as parents and carers you want to do whatever you can to help them through this important stage of their lives. For some, the process can seem quite unfamiliar but UCAS have created useful resources especially for you, to help you give the best advice and support.

To get started, use the interactive Parent Information Tool which offers advice, hints and tips to guide you through the entire application process. It covers everything from starting the application, to confirming a place, as well as valuable information about other aspects of university life, like accommodation and student finance.

You might also find UCAS’ Parent Blogs a useful and informal method of easing those anxieties by hearing about those who have been through the process too! These blogs cover everything from pre-application worries that they have gone through, as well as how they have helped their young person apply – they even have some handy tips to keep in touch with your son/daughter whilst they’re at university too!

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