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UCAS Form to identify Student Carers

Student carers will be given the option to identify themselves on their university application form in the future.

Carers Trust LogoSince 2014 Carers Trust has been asking for a tick box which would prompt young adult carers to identify themselves.

In February, student carer Carol Hayward, 21, started a campaign calling for this change to the UCAS form so that universities could easily find out whether applicants would be studying as well as caring unpaid, for someone with an illness, disability, mental health problem or an addiction.

Carers Trust backed the campaign and in just six weeks more than 2,500 signatures poured in to show their support.

UCAS has now confirmed that from 2018 there will be a specific option on its Apply form.

To find out how this will make a difference to the lives of student carers, please click here.

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