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UCAS 2020/2021 Cycle

What is UCAS?

UCAS is the University College Admission Services that handle all applications to UK-based universities. When you apply for an undergraduate degree – the first degree you study for at University – you will make the application through UCAS rather than to the individual universities. You can select up to 5 courses to apply for with UCAS at the same or different universities for each choice. You can make 4 applications to Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Science and then your 5th application must be to a different course. You can make 1 application to either Oxford or Cambridge but cannot apply to both.

Application Dates

Applications can be started and submitted now!

When applying to any course at Oxford or Cambridge or to courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Music the deadline is 15th October 2020 at 18:00.

For the majority of courses the deadline to apply by is 15th January 2021 at 18:00.

Applications can sometimes be submitted after this deadline but universities will consider applications submitted prior to the deadline equally first. Following this, if there remains places on the courses, universities may consider the further applications made. Submitting the application on time allows you to be considered equally alongside other applicants and gives you the best chance of accessing the course you want to study.

Sometimes courses require additional tests to be completed in advance of application, so check to see if this is true for your choices!

What’s included in the application?

The application is very straightforward to make! You sign up for UCAS and include the buzzword your School or College give you. After that just fill out the sections! As part of your application you will need to write a Personal Statement; this tells the universities you apply for what makes you a good fit for the course you are interested in. You can only have one personal statement so it’s important to choose a course you are really passionate about to apply for! And don’t apply for 5 totally different courses or you won’t be able to demonstrate what makes you a good fit for the course you are interested in!

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