The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership are committed to ensuring all students have equal and fair access to Higher Education.

Who are care experienced students?

When we talk about care experienced students, we use the guidance given by UCAS. This incudes any young person who is:

  • living with foster carers
  • living in a residential children’s home
  • being looked after at home under a supervision order
  • living with friends or relatives in kinship care – either through a formal arrangement (e.g. a Special Guardianship order) or an informal arrangement without local authority support

We will of course take your own personal circumstances in to account too, so if you’re not sure, please email us!

Throughout the year, the Partnership are delighted to offer the following events:

  • Choices Together
    • An annual progressive programme of online and in-person events dedicated to opening up the world of university and post-18 study, taking part across the year. Online, you’ll take part in lost of interactive sessions with resources for you to build your own university campus with Lego, step into the world of filmmaking and learn what it’s like to working in the aviation industry! All resources can be collected from one of our events, or they will be sent by post or available online completely free of charge!
    • Click here to find out more about Choices Together!

Foster Carer Training

As part of our support, the Partnership provide training opportunities for Foster Carers in line with Local Authority training.

During this 2-3 hour session, Foster Carers will develop their awareness and understanding of higher education and the ways in which they can support the young people in their care.


  • To identify the elements of the university application process.
  • To understand their role in supporting young people’s aspirations.
  • To identify the key aspects of financial, wellbeing and general support available to Looked After Young People at Higher Education Institutions.
  • To understand the importance of teamwork and communication across organisations that impact upon Looked After Young People.
  • To identify a range of ways to engage with HEI interventions/programmes throughout their LAYP academic career.
  • To identify the barriers and challenges that LAYP face when at university and ways to work to overcome this.

For further information, or to request the opportunity, please contact or call 0191 2083128.

NERAP are proud to be a member of NNECL


You can also find out loads more information about studying in HE as a Care Leaver by visiting the websites below: