Are you looking to support a young person in making their future choices in education?

There are many ways that you can aid their journeys and guide them in their achievements.

NERAP works with young people across different Key Stages to develop various activities that equip them with the knowledge and skills to realise their academic potential in education. We also run events for parents/carers each year.

When they face making choices about their future, many may find this to be a particularly overwhelming time. As a parent/carer, you can provide that extra support to guide them through any difficulties they may have using our website information pages!

Check out our pages explaining all the things higher education that take you through supporting applications, student finance, and everything in-between!

Keep up-to-date with our news and events pages – they provide the most current developments in the world of higher education to always keep you in the loop.

Don’t forget that we also have our live chat function displayed on the website to answer any questions you may have directly.