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Foster Carer Training

The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership are dedicated to providing Looked After Young People with every opportunity to succeed within education and recognise their potential. As part of this support, the Partnership provide training opportunities for Foster Carers in line with Local Authority training.

During this 2-3 hour session, Foster Carers will develop their awareness and understanding of higher education and the ways in which they can support the young people in their care.


  • To identify the elements of the university application process.
  • To understand their role in supporting young people’s aspirations.
  • To identify the key aspects of financial, wellbeing and general support available to Looked After Young People at Higher Education Institutions.
  • To understand the importance of teamwork and communication across organisations that impact upon Looked After Young People.
  • To identify a range of ways to engage with HEI interventions/programmes throughout their LAYP academic career.
  • To identify the barriers and challenges that LAYP face when at university and ways to work to overcome this.

For further information, or to request the opportunity, please contact or call 0191 2083128.

North East Raising Aspiration Partnership
Level 3, King's Gate
Newcastle University

Tel: 0191 208 3128