Students explore STEM careers and take a closer look at engineering through the use of Lego, and try their hand at designing, building and racing their own vehicles in a fun competition.

This session introduces the world of engineering to students, guiding them through potential courses, options, and careers as well as considering how engineering is vital to creating the world we live in. Students will then receive their design briefs and equipment and must work in a team to design and develop their Lego vehicles before they go head-to-head in a final competition, all while considering some typical challenges engineers must overcome when meeting a design briefs specification. We’ll debrief after the competition and take any questions your students have about Higher Education or studying a STEM degree.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduces STEM subjects and the different types of Engineering.
  • Encourages working as a team.
  • Promotes decision making.

Please note this activity is capped at 30 pupils per session.

Online Alternative

Unfortunately, there currently is no online alternative for this session. However, our KS2 and KS4 Teacher’s Guides contain a series of lesson plans and supporting activities for you to deliver to your pupils. Please visit our Teacher’s Resources page in your dashboard.

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Lego Engineering
Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3
Year 8, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7
1 Hour
Gatsby Benchmark:
2, 7
Regional Progression Framework:
Learning Objective:
LO2, LO3, LO6
NERUPI Framework:
Know, Choose, Understand
0, 1
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