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Striking North-South divide shown in mapped GCSE results

SCHOOLS NorthEast have recently published a blog highlighting the continuing geographical divide of GCSE results between students in the North compared to the South. Continue reading the

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A map of provisional GCSE results in England reveals that the North-South divide remains an issue, with 4.7% more pupils in the South having achieved five GCSEs including English and Maths.

GCSE NorthSouth Divide map

While this is 0.1% less than what analysis of the 2014 final results shows, in 2013 the gap was 2.8% and the year before only 1.8%.

SCHOOLS NorthEast reported in August that despite the region lagging behind in some respects, North East schools achieved the highest rate of improvement at GCSE level nationally, with an increase of 1.5%  in grade A* – C compared to 2014.

Speaking to the BBC, Tim Hannay (founder of SchoolDash – the education data firm that mapped the provisional results) said: “Northern (primary) schools tend to make better progress, but once those kids go to secondary school their average performance falls well behind their compatriots in the South.”

To access the blog and interactive map from the SCHOOLS NorthEast website, click here.

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