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New Mental Health Resource for Young People launched in North Tyneside

Schools NEA resource pack aiming to promote positive mental health in North Tyneside’s young people was launched at an event on 16th May.

As part of the council’s Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Strategy, the Emotionally Healthy Schools Resource Pack was on show at the Langdale Centre on Tuesday 16 May.

Consultation has been held previously where both schools and parents reported growing concerns about the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people. As a result of this, the resource pack has been put together to help schools and families understand the importance of supporting a young person’s emotional wellbeing and how to recognise when they may need additional support.

Cllr Ian Grayson, cabinet member for Young People, said: “Mental health is a huge part of a young person’s wellbeing and it’s important that it is treated as such.

“Just as you can improve your physical health, you can protect your mental health so that you are able to think, feel and act in a way that allows you to enjoy life and deal with the challenges it presents.

“This new resource pack will help schools and parents in North Tyneside to better understand mental health and make sure they know how best to support any young people who may need it.”

The resource pack is available in all North Tyneside schools and on the council website at

For more information on the resource pack please contact Jemma Hurrell, Commissioning Manager ( tel: 01916437775.

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