Session 3 of the Post-16 programme; discussing the transition from FE to HE.

PLEASE NOTE; this programme is only avaliable for care-experienced young people in Further Education, or previous Choices Together participants.

The final session of the programme concludes with a supportive session to guide care-experienced students in their transition after leaving Further Education.

Each participant will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own career pathways and highlight any barriers that they may be anxious about. The session will then break down these worries and aid them in overcoming any obstacles.

This workshop will showcase the expectations of a Higher Education setting, and prepare each student with the knowledge they need to transition successfully!

For more information on our current Post-16 offer, check out our ‘Post-16’ page!

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Post-16: Transitioning from Further Education to Higher Education
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Online Programme
Care Experienced Young People
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