Student Finance 2021

If you have applied to start university in 2020, you should already have your Student Finance application in! If not, don’t panic. You can still apply now, you may not receive your first maintenance loan instalment until the year has begun but you won’t forget to apply earlier next year! Students applying for courses with…
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Student Finance Repayment Guide – Available Now!

Student Finance England have produced a new repayment guide for students who are about to finish college or university, read on to find out how to download and order your guides today. Your final-year students might not be thinking about how they’ll repay their student loan, but as they finish their course it’s very important…
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New Exchange Issue 2017/18 Now Available

The 2017/18 issue of SFE’s Exchange is now available on their dedicated practitioner website. Students going to university or college in 2017/18 can apply for their student finance now. Just tell them to follow SFE’s three easy steps to make sure they get their money in time for the start of their course. Visit SFE’s student…
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Update: Student Finance 2017-18 Resources

As we all begin to prepare prospective students for university, Student Finance England have published their 2017-18 guides for practitioner’s to use in their classrooms and beyond which can be found below. Also, we have included SFE’s first live broadcast, where Student Finance Adviser Kay Vizard-Kotkowicz gave an overview of student finance for 2017/18, including…
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Exchange Issue 4 Now Available

The fourth issue of SFE’s Exchange is now available on their dedicated practitioner website. The main article within this issue focuses on the changes to student finance for the academic year 2017/18. These changes will have a significant impact on how much student finance prospective student will receive, so make sure you give them every…
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Exchange Issue 3 Now Available

The third issue of SFE’s Exchange is now live on their dedicated practitioner website. Since the last issue, their full-time application service launched and the annual Student Money Week was held. The main article in this issue focuses on repayment. Some students will be graduating soon, so it is vital that they get as much…
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Disabled Students Guidance 2016/17

The Student Loans Company have designed a quick reference guide to highlight the key changes for students applying for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) to Student Finance England (SFE) and contains references to the relevant policy information. You can find the guide below: Student Finance England 2016/17 – Disabled Students Allowance Guidance

The Deadline is Coming – Ensure your students apply for Student Finance Now!

With the deadline for Student Finance applications looming, please find some key messages to pass on to your students from Student Finance England. The deadline is coming – apply for your student finance now! The deadline for new students to apply to Student Finance England to ensure you have your money when you start your course is 27…
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Exchange – First Live Webchat 10 February!

Join Student Finance England’s first ever live broadcasting webchat, on Wednesday 10 February at 4-5pm. Kevin McMullan, a student fiance expert from the Student Loan Company will be helping students get ready to apply for their student finance, in line with Student Money Week 2016. You can tune in by downloading the Periscope app and following Student…
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Exchange Issue 2 now available

The second issue of Student Finance England’s Exchange is now live on their practitioner website! As the application service will be opening soon for 2016/17 entry, SFE have produced some extra resources to help teachers and advisers explain what finance is available to prospecting students and their families. You can access these resources by clicking…
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