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The Big Bang Fair Tees Valley 2017

BBTV17The Big Bang Fair Tees Valley is back for 2017!

NYBEP in partnership with Tees Valley Combined Authority and Teesside University are inviting schools to attend The Big Bang Fair Tees Valley, this year Teesside University are hosting two days, one for Secondary students and the other for Primary Schools.

When and where will it take place?

The Big Bang Fair Tees Valley, Teesside University                          

3rd July 2017 for students aged 7-11 – Primary Day only (NB: this event is now fully booked. Please email to be placed on the reserve list)

4th July 2017 for students aged 11-19

Timings – 10:00am – 2.30pm

What can we expect?

There’s something for everyone! They have science and engineering hands-on workshops, shows and drop in activity sessions all delivered by leading businesses, universities and others.  This year they are engaging with more local employers who will talk about STEM careers as well as showing young people how STEM is relevant in the workplace.

Hot off the press:  They are pleased to announce the following confirmed shows:

A Short History of Alchemy – presented by Terry Harvey-Chadwick

Meet alchemical adept Albert Harvey, who has discovered the secret to making the fabled Philosophers Stone, capable of transmuting base metals into gold. Watch as he performs an actual transmutation, and find out how the Art and Science of Alchemy was transmuted into the science of modern Chemistry.

 Get Up & Glow – presented by the Society of Dyers & Colourists

Discover the chemistry of glow sticks in this captivating show. Everybody loves glow sticks, but there’s a serious side to them too. From deep sea divers to mountain climbers glow sticks have so many uses, but what exactly goes on inside those little light filled tubes? They’ll look at the chemistry and physics of light and colour in this interactive and illuminating presentation and demonstration, and find out just what it’s got to do with rhubarb!

 Explore the Universe – presented by David Ault

In ‘Around the Universe in 60 minutes (or less)’ David looks at our place in the Grand Scheme of Things, and answers any burning questions you have about space, the night sky and what it’s all about!

 Surprising Science – presented by Dr Matt Pritchard, an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle and lapsed atomic physicist

Can you discover the sneaky scientific secrets behind the surprising illusions? The show will challenge you to think creatively like both a scientist and a magician. Along the way you’ll learn a host of tricks and stunts to amaze friends & family.

Have your students undertaken a STEM project?

Why not bring them along? At the events your students are invited to showcase STEM projects completed either as part of the curriculum,  or outside.   Prizes will be awarded at the event and a select group of projects chosen to represent the North East at the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair in March 2018.

Booking your place

To register to attend this event please click the following link. You can also register your projects on the site

Places will go fast and they recommend that you reserved yours as soon as possible – (all places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis).

They very much hope that you are able to join them in this FREE programme of events.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

North East Raising Aspiration Partnership
Level 3, King's Gate
Newcastle University

Tel: 0191 208 3128