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Applying to University: Making the right choice!

With Covid-19 restrictions changing frequently it can be challenging to know how to choose a university, particularly if you’ve just started looking ahead of applying for 2021 entry! Some of our top tips are below to help you find the right place for you.

Online Open Days

Don’t be afraid to take part in online open-days to get a feel for the university you’re interested in. Most universities are now offering virtual campus tours and accommodation tours so you can still see what the campus is like or where you might be living for your first year! Online open days can be a great way to see more universities than you might usually have time to see and you can always ask about in-person visits when you have narrowed down your options.

Course Choice

A super easy way to narrow down your options is to look at the course you are interested in and see where offers it as well as what modules and content are included! For example: English degrees at different universities might be made up of entirely different modules. You can usually see what modules will be included, if you have the flexibility to choose any of your modules and even how that university assess that course. This means is you prefer essays to exams, you can choose a university that assesses your course that way!

Contact them!

You can always contact the universities you are interested in to find out more. Some universities will have student ambassadors who can answer questions online for you or they will run online events that you can participate in to find out more. Otherwise, get in touch with the university if you have specific questions or need a little more information about something in particular.

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