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The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership (NERAP) is a group of all of the universities in the North East of England working together to support young people to think about their futures and how higher education can help them reach their goals.

Individually, each university in the region delivers a wide range of programmes and activities to support higher education decision making. Jointly, we coordinate a range of collaborative activities for students in late Primary and Secondary education and specific targeted support for underrepresented groups. The Partnership also delivers events for teachers, advisers, parents and carers to support information, advice and guidance given to young people across the region.

Aims of the Partnership:

  • To lead the development of collaborative outreach activity in the region to increase the number of young people applying to and entering higher education.
  • To collaborate on outreach projects which benefit students in the region and support partner institutions’ core aims and objectives.
  • To inspire young people from under-represented groups to fully explore all higher education opportunities by providing progressive and/or intensive programmes of support
  • To provide additional capacity for our five partner universities through a programme of joint representation visits in primary and secondary schools which enhances the reputation of the higher education offer in the region.
  • To make a measurable difference in young people’s learning, attitudes, knowledge and confidence to progress to higher education among students participating in our core programmes for under-represented groups.
  • To set stretching impact targets that enable the Partnership to demonstrate the effectiveness of the collaboration to inform the future direction of this work.


North East Raising Aspiration Partnership
Level 3, King's Gate
Newcastle University

Tel: 0191 208 3128