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2020 Entry: Finding a place through Clearing

If you’re considering university in 2020 and haven’t secured your place yet, there are still places available through clearing! If you changed your mind about where or what you want to study, you can apply to alternative courses now. If you had not previously applied for September/October 2020 entry, you can still make an application to universities that have spaces on courses that are available through clearing.

The recent changes to A-Level results may have caused you to reconsider your chosen university to then find you would be eligible, you can always contact the university to discuss whether they can accommodate you or look to apply for alternatives. Centre-assessed grades will be accepted at almost all universities in place of the previously calculated results so contact your university or visit clearing on UCAS to consider your options to start university this year if you would prefer not to defer. Similarly, if you had intended to take a gap year but are unsure now due to potential travel restriction, you could consider looking at courses with a Placement or Study Abroad year, allowing you to travel while completing your degree and still gaining that invaluable university and travel experience.

If you are still without a place on a course and are hoping to start university in 2020, head to UCAS to find courses with availability at a university that suits you.

Did you have your grades changed as a result of the move from the OFQUAL calculated grades to your centre-assessed/teacher grades? If so, did you miss out on your place at university or have to change your place as a result of your grades being lower than expected? You can now apply through clearing for alternative courses or if you exceeded the conditions of your original offer you can use Adjustment to find a place at an alternative university on a similar course if there is an alternative you had previously dismissed due to entry requirements.

If your entry requirements were BBB, and you received AAA through your centre-assessed grades you could adjust to an alternative university you previously had not considered. If you got the grades and are not sure that you want to remain on the course you had initially made your Firm choice then you can now use clearing to find another course that suits your requirements.


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