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Young People’s Media Festival

RTS MediaEntries are open for the The Royal Television Society’s Young People Media FestivalSchools are invited to nominate to young people who have been involved in making a film as an individual, with a friend, group club or school class.

The Festival recognises creative, skillful and original talent in film making. Entries will be showcased at the following events held at the University of Sunderland:

Junior Media Festival – Tuesday 17 May 2016 (Entrants from 5-13 years)

Senior Media Festival – Wednesday 18 May 2016 (Entrants from 14-19 years)

Senior Professionally Supported Festival – Wednesday 18 May 2016 (Entrants from 14-19 years)

You can find a copy of the promotional flyer for the event here; and for further information, guidelines and to download an application form click here.

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